Over the past 20 years or so, I have cleaned many thousands of carpets, including all of the different types. This means that should I be looking to buy a new carpet; I know exactly what I’m looking for.

Here is what I think you should consider when choosing a new carpet for your home, and it depends on many factors:

Do you have pets, kids, and a busy house?

Carpet made from nylon fibre is popular because it’s durable, stain-resistant (which makes it easier to clean) and affordable. It’s the most suitable choice for busy households with kids and pets running around. Olefin and polyester are cheaper than nylon but less durable.

These types of carpet will dry quicker when cleaned as the fibres are less absorbent.

If you’ve got pets, try and avoid loop pile carpets because cats and dogs can pluck them, and hurt themselves by losing claws.

Environmentally conscious and like natural fibres?

There are three choices here: wool, seagrass or cotton.

100% wool carpets

A great choice if you live in a quieter home and are less likely to have spillages and muddy feet coming through. Natural fibres are not stain-resistant and do not always wear as well.  Most wool carpets will be woven or loop to help with the wear and so will not be as soft as a twist pile.

Wool carpets are better for the environment as wool composts well. They can also be recycled and used for other purposes, such as wrapping around new tree bases to protect them.

Seagrass carpets

These are very hardwearing but very expensive – and not overly practical either.

The problem is, you shouldn’t get seagrass wet. This means it will prove quite difficult to find a carpet cleaning company to clean up any spillages you may have. It stains very easily and, as it is a natural grass, it absorbs the stain which makes it almost impossible to completely remove.

If you do decide to opt for seagrass, never try to clean it with water or steam. Not only will you ruin your carpet, but you’ll also cause nasty odours. The only real option here is to use a host cleaning product (dry powder).

If you do decide you might like to have a seagrass carpet, consider it very carefully! Seagrass has to be glued to an overlay and then glued to the floor, so it is difficult to remove once it has reached the end of its life (or you change your mind).

Cotton carpets

These aren’t so common, but I have come across them on a few occasions.

Due to the softness of the cotton, they are mostly small knotted or light loop pile. Whilst they look and feel lovely, they are not very practical in high traffic areas. I have seen them used in high end holiday lets, for example, where there are regular spillages and mucky shoes walking across the floor. The cotton carpets end up looking dirty very quickly as stains are very difficult to get out.

I’ve found that they are lovely when used in bedrooms or quieter homes but I wouldn’t recommend them for pet lovers as they pluck and stain very easily. They are very expensive and choice is limited.

80/20 wool

In my opinion, still the best all-rounder and the most popular choice when it comes to my customers.

80/20 wool carpets have been around for many years and are still one of the best carpets you can get. They’re the best of both worlds, you get the wear-ability of nylon or polyester and the comfort of wool.

The 20% man-made fibres give the wool more strength and so they wear extremely well and provide some degree of stain resistance. They come in different weights – the higher the ounce the better the carpet and the longer it will last. I still clean carpets of this type today that are over 30 years old!

And finally – find a good carpet provider.

There are many good small local carpet companies out there who offer a home visit and excellent advice. They are in a great position to help you make the right choice for your budget or requirements and can answer your questions regarding fitting, furniture removal and disposal.

We recommend Brian Bromley carpets in Blofield or Philip Cooke Carpets in Taverham – both are very helpful and have many years’ experience in selling and fitting carpets.

Clean, don’t change

Sometimes you don’t need to replace your carpets, they could just need a good deep clean.

Here are Resolve Carpet Care we are strong believers in regularly giving your carpets a once over. Not only will they look and feel beautiful, but they will also help towards a healthy home too.
Our unique cleaning solution:

  • Out-performs all major carpet cleaning solutions available (or so our customers say)
  • Includes a sanitiser
  • Includes a natural deodouriser
  • Is eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable
  • Delivers fantastic results
  • Is not tested on animals
  • Is safe for people and pets.

If your carpets are still in good nick and just need a little TLC, give us a call!