We always bang on about dry carpet cleaning. It’s the way we work. We believe it’s the only way any carpet should be cleaning.

But what do we mean by “dry carpet cleaning” and why is it better?

Here’s how our dry carpet cleaning works:

We apply our environmentally sustainable, eco-friendly solution and work it deep into your carpets. It’s completely safe during and immediately after applying. The cleaning solution grabs hold of all the dirt and nasties in your carpet.

We then use microfibre pads to create a static charge which pulls the solution out and onto the pad. The carpet/sofa/chair/curtains are almost completely dry within minutes.

And it really works. Just to prove it, 100% of our customer reviews are 5*.

What’s wrong with wet cleaning?

Soaking carpets to clean them is not how most professional carpet cleaners work anymore. Although the self-hire machines are still somewhat guilty of this.

Old fashioned carpet cleaners only use the water to get rid of the solutions they use. The solutions are so strong that they can’t be left on the carpets!

The problem with this method is that soggy carpets encourage bacteria to grow in your carpet and underlay. They take so long to dry that over time you’ll start to notice the carpets start to smell a bit damp. And unfortunately, by that point, the damage is done.

Whether you book us or someone else, just ask them if they’re using water. If the answer is yes, phone someone else.