Revolutionary Dry Upholstery Cleaning in Norwich

Have you got a favourite chair? Or a must-have spot on the sofa? Have you ever thought about what else could be sharing your seat with you?

Germs and bacteria thrive on these surfaces that are regularly used by people and pets. Sticky fingers, sneezing, spills, pet paws all add up to the perfect environment for nasty things to grow. Not a nice thought.

The benefits of our professional upholstery cleaning service

Using the same revolutionary cleaning system as we use on carpets, we can bring tired old furniture back to life. Not only will your sofa look and smell fresh, with our rapid-dry method, it will be ready to sit on again in around 90 minutes.

Our anti-bacterial formula takes care of the bacteria and germs, and thanks to the speed of drying, you don’t have to worry about mould or new germs taking hold. So even if your furniture doesn’t look too shabby, getting a professional clean every now and then can give you peace of mind – particularly good for families with young children. It’s like changing your bed, but for your sofa!


Our upholstery cleaning costs from £30 per seat (minimum charge £90).

Replacing your sofa would cost a lot more!

What can we clean?

We clean fabrics that other cleaners can’t or won’t clean. We can clean any fabric upholstery, including sofas, dining chairs, foot stools, and also rugs and curtains. Our cleaning solution is so gentle that we can use it on the most delicate of fabrics, including silk.

We work across Norfolk and into Suffolk, so if you’ve got a cleaning job in mind but you’re not sure if we can help, feel free to get in touch and ask. We’re always happy to answer your questions.

Always brilliant
Gary first helped me when my basement room was flooded. He came straight after I called! My insurance company didn’t come for a week! Since then Gary has regularly solved my carpet and upholstery stains and cleaning (dogs and children). Fabulous service, quality of workmanship (it’s never too difficult) and value for the jobs done.