That time of year has rolled around again. The C word…Christmas!

We don’t know if you’re the same, but with the imminent arrival of friends and family we like to make sure the house is looking spick and span! We don’t just mean dusting the picture frames, running around with a hoover and fluffing some cushions. We mean a proper deep clean. Carpets, curtains and all.

The only problem is finding time to do it! Well, we have an answer for you. Don’t. Call in the professionals instead.

Sure, it may mean spending a little money at a time of year that is already expensive but it will be worth it. If you need a little convincing, here are our top four benefits of getting the professionals in to do your Christmas Cleaning.


1.Everything looks great

Your house will look amazing! Welcome your guests into your home with pride, and without the stress of fitting it in yourself.

Here at Resolve we will leave your carpet, curtains and upholstery looking and feeling fresh and revitalised. Our cleaning solution has a deodoriser built in so your house will smell really fresh too.


2.Clean for the little ones

This is the best time of year for children. They are often a bit of a handful all full of excitement. And with a house that’s ready to burst, they can often find themselves relegated to a seat on the floor.

Your carpet can harbour approximately 200,000 bacteria per square inch. A bit of a scary number when you take into consideration the children will be spending a lot of their time over Christmas down there. Either crawling around, having sleepovers or playing with their toys. Your hoover doesn’t pick up this bacteria but luckily, we have a solution. We use a Dry Carpet Cleaning method using a solution that is eco-friendly, pet-friendly and child-friendly.

Carpets aren’t the only culprits; sofas, chairs and rugs provide nice cosy homes for bacteria too. Sticky fingers, sneezing, spills, pet paws all add up to create the perfect environment for germs to thrive. Well, not on our watch! Our anti-bacterial formula will take good care of all those little nasties.


3.Saves you time

There is always so much going on during the festive period it can be hard to find time to fit a spot of cleaning too. If you find that you are often whipping around with the hoover 10 minutes before guests arrive, call us in!

Whilst you have the professionals in cleaning your home you can get on with the important things like writing your Christmas cards, getting the presents wrapped or baking some delicious mince pies.


4.Quick and hassle free

You may think to yourself that it’s all a bit of a hassle getting a nice deep clean but it’s so easy. We can even clean your curtains whilst they’re still hanging. No more taking them down, carting them off to a dry cleaners and then having to put them back up.

Maybe in the past you have attempted to clean the carpet yourself and hired one of those carpet cleaning machines? It seems a bit like hard work to us, they drench your carpets which could lead to damp or mould growth and you have to pay for the pleasure!

We will have your carpet looking fresh and clean in just 6 easy steps:

  • Vacuum twice – in both directions- using a heap-filter vacuum cleaner
  • Prepare any problem areas such as traffic lanes
  • Pre-treat and spots and stains
  • Apply our unique cleaning solution with built-in sanitiser and deodoriser
  • Remove the dirt using our special cleaning pads
  • Rake the carpet to restore the pile if it is needed.

We do all of this and your carpets will still be dry in just 60 minutes and your upholstery will be ready to sit on in 90 minutes. Perfect.

If we have convinced you to take a weight off, there is still time to get your carpet and upholstery cleaning booked in before the big day. Get in touch and let’s have a conversation about how we can help you.