If you have a carpet that needs cleaning, chances are you have weighed up your options.

Option 1 – Replace your carpet. Replacing carpets is clearly the most expensive option. If your carpets really are beyond help, this may be your only option. In future, save your carpets with regular vacuuming – it’s the treading of grit on the fibres that cause carpets to wear.

Option 2 – Clean your carpet yourself. Probably the cheapest option right now. If you’re moving out of a rental property and the carpets need to be cleaned I can see why you might hire a carpet cleaning machine. However, the carpets will be left wet so allow plenty of time for them to dry.

Soaking the carpets to clean them will mean that they will start to smell as they take so long to dry. This option is only really ideal if you hate your landlord and are making a speedy exit.

As an aside, if you’re a landlord who’s been left with this predicament, give us a call instead – we can sort it out!

Option 3 – Book a professional. The best option if you want a great result. Look online, find a local carpet cleaner and invite them over to give you a free of charge quote. WHICH? is a great place to look for any tradesperson as you can read reviews from people who have recently used them.

Option 4 – Decide between steam cleaning and dry carpet cleaning. We use a dry cleaning method. It might not sound like it would work as well as the old fashioned ‘shampoo’ method. But you just need to see our 100% 5* reviews to trust that dry cleaning carpets is the best method. In time, it will be the only method. More people are getting wise to the negative effects of wet cleaning carpets.

If you have decided to have your carpets cleaned, you probably look after your home. I bet you even own the odd scented candle, right? So please don’t opt for having your carpets cleaned with a wet system. A month or two later you be wondering what the damp smell is and it will be right under your toes. The carpet may feel dry but the underlay may have been damp for weeks and will of course be rotting under the carpet.

If you have any questions about the pros or cons of carpet cleaning then please do get in touch.