It’s cosy season! A time for staying indoors and snuggling up on the sofa. It also happens to be the perfect time of year to have a deep clean, this year especially!


Why clean now?


This time of year can be a bit of a drain. The weather has turned and everyone around you seems to have a cold or the flu. Plus, we are being bombarded from all angles with news on coronavirus cases. Keeping those germs at bay is the best argument we can think of for getting the marigolds on!

Now, we can’t promise contagious germs won’t find their way into your home. Aside from refusing to let your family out all winter, it’s impossible to keep them away. What we can do, is remind you of some tips to stop them spreading once they arrive. 

  • Keep your home clean. Make sure all your surfaces are cleaned regularly. Including door handles, light switches and the remote control. Basically, anywhere germy hands may have touched.
  • Change the environment in your home. Open a window and let some fresh air in every day. It might be a little chilly, but it doesn’t have to be open for long. Just enough time to circulate any stagnant air.
  • Stop the spread of germs. Wash your hands often. Especially if you, or someone in your family is ill. Clean hands mean germs won’t be transferred to surfaces and other people. If you are coughing and sneezing, use a tissue! Then, bin the tissue. The best way to prevent the spread of germs is to kill the germs as quickly as possible.

Make Your Home Covid Safe.

This year we are facing an additional challenge. Alongside the usual cold and flu nasties, we are battling Covid-19 too.

The coronavirus pandemic has ensured that public and workplaces are the cleanest they have possibly ever been. What about your home?

We’re hoping that we will still be able to have guest over this winter. You’ll want to make sure your home is spic and span and ready to welcome friends and family. Being able to say you have given the carpets, curtains and soft furnishings a deep clean, will surely make you the host with the most!

Don’t neglect your soft furnishings!

When was the last time you cleaned any of your soft furnishings? Maybe you never have. Carpets, curtains, cushions and sofas could harbour bugs and bacteria for days.


Bringing the germs in with you.

This year we have spent as much time as we can out in our gardens or in the park (what with lockdown and everything). And you have probably bought a lot of the outside back in with you, without even realising it. Whether you have been picnicking in the park or learning to grow vegetables, you will have picked muck up along the way.

During the winter months, you’ll probably want to batten down the hatches and spend the long, dark evenings curled up with a good book or box set. Before you do, make the effort to clean your soft furnishings. Why? Well, because they could be a lot dirtier than they look!



Simply walking on your carpet with shoes on or bare feet that have been outside will smush germs right down into the fibres. Which, as you may know by now (if you pay any attention to our blogs), vacuuming alone will not get rid of.

Hidden germs like these call for a more thorough treatment. A deep carpet clean will do the trick. Call in your friendly, local carpet cleaning team (hello!). A good clean will extract the germs from deep down in the pile, leaving your carpets feeling fresh and looking great.



Curtains often get forgotten when it comes to cleaning. If you were to go and give them a shake, though, you may be surprised at what comes out. Typically, you’ll only move them twice a day, which provides the perfect opportunity for dust to settle. You may even find some creepie crawlies calling your window dressings home.

Having your curtains cleaned could be far less hassle than you expect it to be. They can even be cleaned whilst they are still hanging. You could be amazed at the difference a freshly cleaned set of curtains make.



Do you know what you are sharing your seat with? Sticky fingers, sneezing, spills and pet paws all add up to the perfect environment for bugs and bacterial to thrive. How are you feeling about your favourite spot on the sofa now?

Your sofa, cushions, rugs and chairs can be given a nice deep clean using the same method used for carpets. They won’t be out of action for long either and will be dry in just an hour or two. Banish the greying and tired look, welcome back life and colour to your beloved pieces!


Book in your winter deep clean with Resolve Carpet Care


Unsurprisingly, we are big advocates of a clean and healthy home. Our unique cleaning solution comes with a built in natural deodouriser and disinfectant. It will instantly boost the health and cleanliness of your home. It’s kind to your family, your pets and the planet. It will bring life back to your carpets and upholstery, what more could you ask for from a cleaning solution?

Ask us to come and give your carpets and upholstery a nice deep clean before the germs get too cosy for the winter. It will be one less thing to think about in the run up to the festive season and you will be proud to welcome even the most unexpected of visitors into your home. As long as government guidance doesn’t change!

We are already booked up way into November, so if you would like a pre-Christmas deep clean, you’ll need to get a wiggle on.

Oh, and once we have cleaned your carpets and made them fresh and beautiful, don’t forget to tell your guests to wipe their feet and take off their shoes at the door!