Building work can be a nightmare. The mess it makes around the home just adds to the stress of having the work done in the first place! Recently we were called by a lady who was in that exact situation. She had some builders in doing work and the dust was everywhere. In particular, it had covered her new and very expensive hand-made curtains and blinds.

She obviously wanted to get her curtains and blinds cleaned but was nervous about taking them down. The curtains and blinds were hung with delicate mechanisms which could easily be damaged.

Luckily, she called Resolve Carpet Care. We were able to go to her home and clean the curtains and blinds in question. The bonus being, we were able to do it without taking them down. We left one very happy customer, with her hand-made blinds and curtains as good as new and totally unharmed!

Are you planning on having some building work done? Be sure to book you carpet, upholstery and carpet cleaning now. You can then have the builders in, safe in the knowledge your house will go back to being spick and span again as soon as it is done.

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