We recently cleaned all the carpets in a property for a customer. She was initially wondering if it was worth cleaning them or if they were too bad to save.


Our verdict


Before doing anything else, we inspected the carpets and discussed the various marks and stains left from the previous owner. Our verdict? The carpets were still in perfectly good condition, with lots of wear left in them. We reassured our customer that we would do our best to remove the stains and marks that were concerning her, as we do with every clean.


As there were a number of carpets that needed cleaning in our customer’s home, we suggested we’d clean one to show the sort of results we could achieve. If our customer was satisfied, we would then proceed with the others.


We asked whether the carpets had been cleaned before. It turns out they had been cleaned three times previously by two local carpet cleaners. One of whom had to return to re-clean as the carpets were still dirty once they had supposedly finished. Our customer had even hired a rug doctor but found that the carpets were left wet for an entire day and then started to smell.


She really hadn’t had much luck, so we knew we were up against it!


Resolve Carpet Care to the rescue!


So, we started to clean. Vacuuming, treating marks and stains and gently working on the problem areas. We felt confident that if we couldn’t remove the stains then they were permanent and had been set in from previous attempts.


After cleaning one room our customer was thrilled with the result. We continued and cleaned the rest of the carpets, removing every stain and mark. When we were done the carpets looked fresh and new.


Our customer was delighted! Had we not been successful she would have had to replace the whole lot. This would have cost thousands of pounds and created a huge amount of upheaval.


She was so pleased that she immediately left us this lovely review:

“Wow! Can’t recommend Resolve Carpet Care enough. Our home carpets have come up as good as new! Having used two other local carpet cleaning companies, Resolve Carpet Care have produced the best results by far. Gary and Jamie are a delight to do business with. Will definitely be using them again.”


Elizabeth, Aylsham
November 2019

Thank you, Elizabeth! We’re so pleased you were happy with the result and look forward to coming back, whenever you need us.

If you would like to see amazing results on your carpets too, get in touch! We can arrange a no-obligation visit to discuss how we can help you.