We talk a lot about cleaning carpets, but what about rugs? They see just as much action as your carpet, if not more! Traditionally rugs are used to protect carpets and make them last longer, but there is no reason why your rug shouldn’t get a little TLC too.

We come across so many rugs in all different shapes, sizes, patterns and materials. They can prove to be very grubby places, particularly if there is a deep pile. Hoarding dust and bacteria, muck can really get worked down into the fibres. Sometimes a vacuum really isn’t going to do the job!

Luckily our cleaning solution is gentle enough to prevent damage on any rug, yet effective enough to leave it looking great.

Rug cleaning is quick and easy

A lot of people assume that having their rug cleaned would mean it being taken off site to be cleaned and not being dry for days! With our revolutionary cleaning solution, however, this is not the case. We use a dry cleaning system which means your rugs are ready to be walked all over again in an hour, perfect for busy households. Plus, your carpet underneath won’t get a soaking!

Help your rugs look as good as new

We were recently asked by a school to clean their rugs ready for the summer break. Schools are renowned for being hotspots for bugs and infections. Luckily, our cleaning solution has built in anti-bac, ensuring the germs and dirt trodden deep down into the carpet are killed. In addition, our built-in deodoriser stops any nasty smells coming back.

We left the school with fresh and clean rugs – you’d never know they’d had a year of energetic shoes running all over them. As we always say, it’s a far better idea to have you rugs cleaned rather than buying new ones over and over again.

Ask the professionals

If you have a rug that is starting to look a little downtrodden, why not call in the professionals?
We’re a friendly bunch here at Resolve Carpet Care. We have developed our own cleaning solution which is made for us right here in Norfolk. How is that for a truly local service?

Don’t forget the full range of benefits you get from our very own carpet cleaner:

  • It out-performs all major carpet cleaning solutions available (or so our customers say)
  • Includes a sanitiser
  • Includes a natural deodouriser
  • Is eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable
  • Delivers fantastic results
  • Is not tested on animals
  • Is safe for people and pets.

Get in touch with us today to arrange for a spruce up of your rugs.