We have reached spring, already! A season synonymous with the big spring clean. But this time of the year isn’t the only occasion people think about getting a big clean done. Christmas comes a very close second.

An office is a busy place. With so many people coming and going they can become a bit of a grubby place too. Often, there is limited time that you can arrange for a deep clean of a busy office. Especially for estate agents or banks who are open 6 days a week. Many companies, therefore, take advantage of the Christmas break to get some vital deep cleaning done.

Last year, we were booked by a local estate agent to clean their office carpets and chairs during the Christmas break. We popped in on a Saturday, leaving behind a fresh and clean office ready for the new year.

Professional upholstery cleaning

Our client had booked nice and early, June in fact! The previous year they had left it too late to get a festive appointment as our books were full.

The moral of this case study? Book early!

We know what you are thinking, ‘but guys, Christmas is still 9 months away!’ If you are keen to have a festive freshen up, the best idea is to get it in your diary as soon as you can to avoid disappointment. Our books are now open for Christmas appointments.

Get in touch with us today to arrange an office clean. Whether it is a spring clean you are after or an end of year blitz. We will come in with our revolutionary cleaning solution and minimal disruption. Our dry cleaning technique leaves your carpets and upholstery as good as new and ready to use again almost straight away.


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