Are your carpets clean? Are you sure?

Think about how often your carpet is walked on, with and without shoes. And yet many people neglect to give their carpets a deep clean. You may vacuum regularly but that’s not enough to get rid of the ground in dirt and bacteria. If you were walking all over your bed sheets, you wouldn’t just brush any dirt off. You would stick them in the washing machine, right?

Now, we’re not saying you need to deep clean your carpet every day. Or even every month. A vacuum around once or twice a week and a deep clean at least once a year should do the trick.

A regular carpet clean should keep stubborn dirt and bacteria at bay. Plus, it will also help to keep your carpets looking fresh and new for longer.

The question is, do you deep clean the carpets yourself? Or, should you call in the professionals? We compare the options.


Option 1: Clean it yourself


Hiring or buying a carpet cleaner may seem a more cost-effective solution.

Hiring a machine can cost from around £23 a day. You have to pay for the cleaning solution on top of that which can be around £10 for 1 litre.

If you are tempted to buy a carpet cleaner yourself, you can expect to pay around £200.

Having your own carpet cleaner will allow you to whip up any spill or stain quickly before it comes set in.

By hiring or buying, you have the flexibility of being able to freshen up your carpet as and when you need. Running over the high traffic areas more regularly will keep your carpets looking nice and fresh! But…

Be careful when cleaning your own carpets


There are some things that you should be wary of when taking a DIY approach to your carpet clean.

Less power. DIY cleaners are usually not as powerful as professional machines. A less powerful machine means a lot of the water that goes into your carpet stays there. Less water extracted means less dirt is extracted. Your carpets are also likely to stay wet for much longer.

All in all, a less powerful machine is going to result in a less effective clean. For example, your DIY machine may not have effectively removed all the muck or cleaning solution deep down in the carpet. You could find that your clean carpets become dirty much quicker and stains reappear.

The right solution? The cleaning solution needed for different types of carpet can vary. If you opt for the wrong one, your carpet may get damaged, or just not cleaned very well.

How’s your technique? The technique you use when moving across the carpet can really affect the final results. If you are moving too fast and you won’t effectively extract the dirt. Move too slowly and you will end up soaking your carpets.

The waiting game. Because your carpets will be wetter, it’ll be longer before you can walk on your carpets or put the furniture back. Frustrating.


Option 2: Call in the professionals


Granted, calling in the professionals might, on the face of it, seem like more expensive than hiring a machine to do it yourself. But it may not be as expensive as you think. And in terms of value for money, the right professional carpet cleaner will win hands down.

As professional carpet cleaners, we charge £4 per square metre. With a minimum charge of £90. For a job that only needs to be done once a year, it’s worth it. You give your car a yearly MOT, why not your carpet?

There are plenty of benefits in calling out a professional:

A professional carpet cleaner comes with years of experience. Not every carpet is the same. It is our job to know the best techniques to use and the correct cleaning solution for your carpet.

Professional cleaning machines are much more powerful. We’ll give your carpets a superior clean. The cleaning solution will get right down into the fibres of the carpet. Extracting the ground in dirt, dust and bacteria.

Your carpets will look fresher for longer. With regular deep cleaning your carpet will continue looking as good as new, extending the time before you need to replace your carpets.

A new carpet is going to cost you more than a professional clean. Giving them a little TLC each year is definitely worth doing. You may be surprised at how much longer your carpets will look fabulous for.

The biggest advantage of getting a professional carpet cleaner in? Quite simply, it saves you having to do it yourself! These days we are all getting busier and busier. It can be difficult to find the time to fit in yet another job. By arranging for a professional to come in and clean your carpet, you don’t have to. We will do it faster and more effectively that you could by hiring a carpet cleaning machine.

Our top tip when booking a professional carpet clean

Not all carpet cleaning companies use the same approach. We highly recommend that you seek out someone who specialises in dry carpet cleaning (like us!). We can achieve a high level of cleanliness using significantly less water – better for the environment and much better for your carpet. And you can walk on it within the hour, which is a bonus.

Why not use a service like the Which? Trusted Trader site to check out reviews of professional carpet cleaners in your area to help you choose the right company.

Get in touch if you’re in Norfolk and would like show your carpets a little love with a professional clean. We can even visit your home to give you an accurate quotation.