We are thrilled to be stocking our Resolve Multi Purpose spray in Truly Local, the little shop with big ideals, based in Stalham.

It’s been on our mind for some time that we would like somewhere people can pick up our spray. Currently we deliver it to our customers when they run out. But now we have a space where you can pick it up alongside all of your other local produce such as tomatoes, freshly baked bread, wine, jams and just about most things you can think of, all under one roof on Stalham High Street.

Truly Local stocks the best-quality fresh and seasonal produce the locality has to offer, in their first 7 years they put over £800,000 back into the local economy, supporting well over 100 suppliers. It has been my pleasure in supporting Truly Local for a number of years and I am delighted that they will now be stocking our spray.

But why should you pick up a bottle?

  • It’s safe to use on almost every surface
  • It’s food safe
  • It’s environmentally-friendly and environmentally sustainable
  • We mix it ourselves here in Hoveton – so it’s super local!
  • It comes with a microfibre cloth
  • It doesn’t contain bleach
  • It has a built in sanitiser.

So, use it on your carpet, in your car, on your sofa, mattress, curtains, worktops, window frames…