So, you have tenants moving out? New ones moving in too? You are probably going to take this opportunity to have a deep clean of the property, right?

Well, don’t neglect the carpets! You could be amazed by the difference it makes. A freshly cleaned carpet can really lift the whole room.

The benefits don’t just stop at your room looking nice. With regular deep cleans your carpet is likely to last much longer. A deep clean will help to extend the life of your carpet, increasing the time before you need to invest in replacements. We think it’s a no brainer really!

Giving carpets a regular deep clean also provides health benefits, getting rid of any allergens. Especially important if you allow pets in your properties.

Your new tenants will be welcomed into a lovely clean and fresh new home. Happy tenants equal a happy landlord! Plus, let’s face it, if your property is well decorated and clean you can get the maximum income from your property.


Get the professionals to do the hard work for you


There are two options for your deep carpet clean. Of course, you could hire a machine and clean the carpets yourself. It is possibly the cheaper option. But who has the time for that? Especially if you have multiple properties that may need doing at once. Besides, you can’t guarantee that you have done a spot-on job. And in the worst-case scenarios, you can do lasting damage to your carpet.

Calling in a professional to clean your carpets, however, will save you the time and hassle of doing it yourself. The machines professional carpet cleaners use are much more powerful. You can be confident that a clean by a professional will get deep down in to the pile to remove all the muck.

A professional is also highly trained. There is actually quite a lot of technique involved in cleaning a carpet properly. They will also be able to identify the correct solution for your carpets, preventing any damage. But not all so-called professional carpet cleaners are created equal…


Choose Resolve Carpet Care


We are often asked by landlords to come in and clean their properties at end of tenancy. Usually there is a tight schedule to work around before the new tenants move in. We imagine it can get pretty stressful! Let Resolve Carpet care take the stress out of the carpet cleaning at least.