With winter well and truly here and the Christmas celebrations over, we still have a few weeks of long dark nights ahead.

But it’s also a time for the family to cozy up with a good film or a board game – so why not do it in a healthy environment?

Ask yourself, when did the carpets and sofas last get cleaned?  

On average, only 1 in 10 families clean their carpets or sofas regularly and because over Christmas we have eaten and entertained more they have taken even more of a battering.

We spend more time in our homes this time of year, sitting on the sofas, so it makes good sense to enjoy the long nights on clean healthy carpets and sofas. We wouldn’t go years without cleaning our bedding, so why do we the sofas?

Clean carpets and upholstery do improve the look and health of your home. Dirty carpets can impact on the quality of the air we breathe and harbour harmful germs and bacteria. One inch of carpet alone can have as many as 20,000 bacteria living in it!

Carpets and furnishings account for one of the largest outlays in a home – on average we spend £10,000 when you add it all up. So it’s more economical and better for the environment to look after them. The disposal of one carpet alone can cost £80 – plus it’s more waste into landfill.

Modern carpets and sofas are manufactured to be cleaned – so why wait any longer?

Start the New Year in a cleaner, healthier home that you and your family deserve – and also hopefully enjoy the cold weather with less coughs and colds.

Call us and you are one step closer to a healthier home.  We will include our lovely, natural lemon deodoriser and a sanitiser to help stop the spread of germs.

So you’re sure of a thorough clean – and carpets take just 1 hour to dry and sofas around 90 minutes – yes, even this time of year!