We take so much delight in working alongside charities. We offer to clean for a charity or school as often as once a month. Someone recently described us as ‘a company with a conscience’. We like that.

Today we had the pleasure of cleaning the large function room in Cromer for the charity ‘About With Friends’.

We first met ‘About With Friends’ when we offered to clean a room for them years ago for free. They were so impressed that since then we have been going back every few months keeping the room is good order. In doing so we get to hear a bit about the charity. Today I was blown away by what they are doing.

‘About with Friends’ mission is to give people with learning disabilities the opportunities they are entitled to and to live the life that they deserve. We are made up of permanent and part-time staff, volunteers and valued supporters.  We offer support, activities, guidance and care.’ Taken from the About With Friends Website.

Today I discovered that they offer a whole host of services, including catering, a cafe, carpentry and gardening. The thing that really blew my mind was that a group of six will come to your home with a professional gardener and do your gardening for you for as little as £15 per hour, which is just astounding. This is so popular that they are booked up to seven weeks in advance and I’m not surprised. If I lived a little closer, I would certainly ask them. Being able to support a charity in this way is fantastic.

This month we also cleaned for a local School, Horning Primary School. They had asked on social media if anyone had a carpet cleaner that they could borrow. So we found a date in the diary (a Saturday morning!) and went and cleaned for them.

Thankfully the classroom was really clean and tidy, and the head teacher and class teachers were so pleased it was a delight to help out. Using a wet carpet cleaner would have left the carpets saturated. It takes them so long to dry, leaving them a breeding ground for bacteria. Schools have enough germs without adding to them!

If you know of a charity or school that could do with a little boost, maybe they are a small charity or a school with little funding, then put them in touch with us and we will see if we can help.