Professional dry carpet and upholstery cleaning in Norwich.

Instantly boost the health and cleanliness of your home with our professional dry carpet, curtain and upholstery cleaning services. Designed with you in mind, our unique system is kind to people, pets and the planet. Unlike traditional methods, carpets we clean are usually completely dry within 60 minutes. Above all, the results are unbeatable.

Returning to Work?

Our commercial service can help get your workplace clean and safe for employees, guests and visitors.

Carpet cleaning

Our professional carpet cleaning service will rejuvenate your carpet, improving the look and feel of it. It will also banish any germs and bacteria that may be lurking, which vacuuming alone can’t tackle.

Upholstery cleaning

Have you got a favourite chair? Or a must-have spot on the sofa?

Have you ever thought about what else could be sharing your seat with you?

Curtain cleaning

Curtains often get forgotten when it comes to cleaning. But it only takes a good shake of a curtain that’s been hanging for a while to see the amount of dust that can collect in them.

Why choose our upholstery and carpet cleaning service?

Yes, we know you can attempt to clean your carpets yourself. But we also know it’s more than likely that it will prove to be a false economy.

Along side our friendly service and brilliant clean, you also get deodoriser & sanitiser for free because it is built in to our solution. Not many people can say that!

There are so many other reasons you’re better off giving us a call:

Quick, friendly, efficient service


Superb finish


Rapid dry cleaning


Environmentally sustainable


Deodouriser & sanitiser


Less water, less energy, less waste


All work guaranteed


Highly rated


Miraculous transformation
Our carpet was in a high-use public area and I doubt if it had ever been cleaned. It was so dirty that I half expected the resolve team to take one look and run away! Instead, I was immensely cheered by the calm and cheerful way in which they tackled it. An hour later, I was absolutely stunned to find an immaculate pale cream carpet which transforms the room. Hard to believe my eyes. Thank you, resolve!


About Resolve Carpet Care

We are a family-run business, incorporated in 2011, with over 18 years’ experience in cleaning carpets and upholstery for thousands of businesses and domestic households. We operate across Norfolk and North Suffolk, offering a friendly, personal service. We are proud to be a Which? Trusted Trader, a sign of reputation and trust which marks us out as a highly reputable company. This endorsement means we’ve been checked and assessed by Which? and meet their very exacting standards for quality and care.

We are proud to be part of Buy Local Norfolk, a social enterprise which champions local business. Our membership reflects the fact that we are indeed a truly local and independent business based firmly and proudly in Norfolk. We support and buy our products and services from the local area, helping to generate jobs and growth in the local economy. We also own Peril Solutions Ltd, a Fire and Flood Restoration Company.

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