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Truly Local

We are thrilled to be stocking our Multi Purpose spray in Truly Local, the little shop with big ideals, based in Stalham.

It has been on our mind for some time that we would like to stock our spray, currently we delivery it to our customers when they run out, but now we have a space where you can pick it up alongside all of your other local produce such as tomatoes, freshly baked bread, wine, jams and just about most things you can think of, all under one roof on Stalham High Street.

Truly Local stocks the best-quality fresh and seasonal produce the locality has to offer, in their first 7 years they put over £800,000 back into the local economy, supporting well over 100 […]

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Looking Forward To Spring?

Its Monday and we just spotted that Norfolk has a weather warning over the next few days for sleet and ice so we are doing the obvious thing and thinking about Spring.

I think that a lot of people get through January and February as quickly and painlessly as possible in an attempt to start looking forward to Spring and Summer. Well, we are no different here. The past month we have been so busy that we haven’t had much time to notice what month it is, however its time to stop, look at the year ahead and start making some plans.

Over the next few weeks and months we are going to be sharing lots of tips on how to prepare for Spring, we will […]

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You Are The Clever Ones

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A True Story.

During the weekend someone I follow on instagram had asked if anyone had a carpet cleaning machine and were they any good!?

Of course I couldn’t resist, I had to tell them a lot… and quickly! Before she ruined her carpets.

I told her straight away that soaking her carpets was a bad first move, that those machines would ruin her carpet.

I explained that soaking the carpets to clean them is not how most carpet cleaners work anymore because they encourage bacteria to grow in your carpet and underlay.

Old fashioned carpet cleaners only use the water to get rid of the solutions they use which are so strong that they cannot be left on the carpets!

The carpet and underlay will take so long to dry that […]

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FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) EXPO

On Wednesday morning instead of filling the van with carpet cleaning equipment we popped a few lemon tree’s, some herbs and the coffee machine in the boot and made our way to the Forum.

Before any event you never really know what to expect, they can be so variable. We prettied up our stand, with banners, our new marketing material that we have been designing over the past few weeks and of course some plants that tie in with our ‘new look’ and were rather satisfied with the look we wanted to achieve.

The day was broken up with short seminars for guiding small businesses, these included Cyber security, the councils Procurement strategy to learn about how to bid for contracts, LinkedIn training for those that […]

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A Company With A Conscience

We take so much delight in working alongside charities. We hope that you know by now that we offer to clean for a charity or school as often as once a month. Someone recently describes RESOLVE CARPET CARE as ‘a company with a conscience’ and they were not wrong.

Today we had the pleasure of cleaning the large function room in Cromer for the charity ‘About With Friends’

We first met ‘About With Friends’ when we offered to clean a room for them years ago for free, they were so impressed that since then we have been going back every few months keeping the room is good order. In doing so we get to hear a bit about the charity and today I was blown away […]

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A Time To Refresh

It really has been a ‘Time To Refresh’ here at Resolve Carpet Care.

We recently sat down and looked at our website and marketing material and had a long hard think about what direction we are heading, who are our customers and do we want to attract new ones?

Its true what you think, most of our customers are retired, but quite a lot are not, and its those that we want to appeal to now. We decided to start with our marketing material, we paid a designer to come up with a new idea and we really like the flyers.

We looked at other Carpet Cleaners websites and marketing material and found that they all seem to be stuck in the 80s, we certainly didn’t get […]

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How cleaning can save you money this Autumn and Winter.

Wooly hats, coats and boots, the heating being turned on, fires being lit, dark evenings, roast dinners and of course the dreaded cold and flu. With temperatures starting to drop its time to consider preparing for hibernation, or maybe not quite so drastic, cleaning your workspace, be that your office, your home or even your car. Cleaning the area’s that are used frequently is vital at this time of year and its important not to miss anything, if you are going to bother doing it at all, then you should be sure to do it properly.

Keyboards, office microwaves, water coolers, door handles, computer buttons, phones, kettles the list is endless, these are all of the places that are going to cost your company money […]

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Greener than Green

Last week we were delighted to find out that our products are now not only environmentally friendly, environmentally safe and pet safe but they are also environmentally sustainable. As far as we are aware we are the only carpet cleaners in Norfolk that can boast such an impressive Green status.

We are all used to seeing eco buzzwords being used to sell products but what does being ‘Environmentally sustainable” even mean? This is what Google says:

Environmental sustainability is the rates of renewable resource harvest, pollution creation, and non-renewable resource depletion that can be continued indefinitely. If they cannot be continued indefinitely then they are not sustainable.

What we already knew about our products was that they can be used safely on food preparation area’s, they are safe around […]

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Professional Carpet Cleaning vs Hiring A Carpet Cleaning Machine

If you have a carpet that needs cleaning chances are you have weighed up your options.

Option 1 – Replace your carpet. Replacing carpets is the most expensive option, however of course if the carpets are beyond cleaning then it may be the best option for you. In the future to save your carpets we suggest regular vacuuming, it is the treading of grit on the fibres that cause carpets to wear.

Option 2 – Clean your carpet yourself. Probably the cheapest option right now. If you are moving out of a rental property and the carpets need to be cleaned I can see why you might hire a machine, however the carpets will be left wet so allow time for them to dry. Soaking the carpets […]

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