Carpet Cleaning in Norfolk & Suffolk

Rapid-Dry, Revolutionary Carpet Cleaning

After listening to you our customers we understand that you appreciate and want a complete professional and reliable carpet cleaning service in Norfolk that provides an effective and safe cleaning system, but at the same time has no negative effect on the environment. At Resolve Carpet Care we are listening to you the customer and deliver exactly what you require.

That’s why you will benefit from what we believe to be a revolutionary system, producing amazing results on virtually all your carpet and upholstery fabrics, using our advanced technology system to break down and release dirt and soil that are stuck to the fibres. The chemistry behind our solutions utilises micriolysis whereby the active agents penetrate through the surface tension and penetrate to the core of dirt to break the bonds holding the dirt to whatever the surface is. The released dirt is then easily removed by microfibre absorption-extraction leaving surfaces so clean they resist the build up of fresh dirt.

Our Aim for you

Our aim is to provide you with a top quality carpet and upholstery cleaning service in Norfolk and Suffolk that’s cost effective and will provide you with long lasting results, that we know you will be impressed with.

Our effective carpet cleaning system incorporates new technology, eradicating the need for high alkaline solutions that require so many gallons of water to rinse out. In fact to clean a carpet of around  15m2, at Resolve Carpet Care we only use approximately 1 litre of solution. Using a low moisture system means carpets dry quicker, on average in less than 60 minutes.

You will benefit from our tailor-made solutions to include a built-in anti-bac, so it not only will it keep your carpets clean and pristine but it is also healthier to you and your family as it helps to control and minimise the spread of any nasty germs. Our solutions are mixed with pure natural water and not mixed on-site with water from your hot water system which may have many contaminants which are then spread over your carpets and furnishings within your home. At Resolve Carpet Care we care about your carpet and your health.

And what about the environment?

When it comes to cleaning your carpets we are focused on trying to really make as much difference as we possibly could. No longer are chemicals used which were shipped in from foreign soil. We also didn’t want to use chemicals that had been researched and tested on animals, we feel very strongly about this, and we definitely wanted to cut down on the volume of water that was used and wasted.

At Reolve Carpet Care we now believe we have achieved all of this and gone the extra mile in ensuring we help the environment with our new carpet cleaning system. We are now comitted to using carpet cleaning solutions which are:

  • Locally produced
  • Offer the safest and most effective cleaning possible
  • Not tested on animals
  • Proven to have no detrimental effect on the environment
  • Low moisture


Taking this one-step further, all of our cleaning solutions are now sourced locally in Norfolk from just a few miles up the road, we return all of the containers to be reused, meaning zero waste to landfill.

Check out our Product Information Sheet

At Resolve Carpet Care, we don’t just clean your carpets – we care, using our 7-step process:

Rake carpet fibres to raise pile ready for vacuuming.
Vacuum twice – in both directions – using a hepa-filter vacuum cleaner.
Prepare problem areas – e.g. traffic lanes
Pre-treat any spots and stains
Apply our cleaning solution, with built-in anti-bac and deodoriser
Remove dirt using our special cleaning pads
Rake carpet to restore pile

Before Cleaning

image of a carpet before being cleaned by Resolve Carpet Care

After Cleaning

image of a carpet after being cleaned by Resolve Carpet Care