The Best Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners in Norwich

Carpets & upholstery can harbor all sorts of nasties. Vacuuming alone can only remove dry dirt, not germs and bacteria that has been bought into your home by family, visitors and pets.

If you are going to the time, trouble and expense of having your carpets & upholstery cleaned, we believe they should be done with care to achieve great results.

Getting your carpets and upholstery cleaned by an experienced, professional company will improve the health of your home and the life and look of your furnishings, saving you the inconvenience and cost of getting them replaced. We believe that the only way to really leave your carpets clean and healthy is to add an anti-bacterial as standard to the cleaning system and, most importantly, to ensure carpets and upholstery dry rapidly – normally in under 60 minutes. Carpets and upholstery that are wet for over a few hours encourage bacteria and germs to grow.

Our cleaning system has been designed with our customers in mind. Our solutions are kind to people, pets & the planet and are produced locally for us. We don’t use soap – we use science. Our own “Resolve” multi- purpose cleaning solution out-performs all the major carpet spotters available and it’s food safe so can be used virtually anywhere around your home.


What Our Customers Get:

  • Over 12 years experience
  • Carpets dry in rapid-time
  • Built-in anti-bac
  • Built-in natural deodoriser
  • Eco friendly, tailor made, locally produced solutions
  • Low energy cleaning
  • Fully insured and guaranteed work

What Our Customers Don’t Get:

  • Soaked carpets that encourage germ and mould growth
  • Sticky, dirt-attracting cleaning residues left behind
  • Gallons of hot water rinsed through their carpets
  • Gallons of dirty water down their drains

Some of Our Happy Customers

image of Gary Foreman, Director of Resolve Carpet Care in NorwichGary says…

“If you have never had a carpet cleaned because of the bad stories you hear, or you have and were disappointed with the results, I am prepared to invest my time and cleaning solutions for the opportunity to add you as valued customer who will use our services for many years to come. I like to call it the dip your toe in offer and while I’m with you, I will give your carpets and upholstery an honest quick review.”


Please take time to view the website to see more on how we clean, testimonials from some of our many satisfied customers, or if you wish to discuss anything further contact us today.

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